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Bulk Rifle Ammo

6.5 PRC Hornady 143gr ELD X® Precision Hunter® 6.5 PRC Ammo FAST SHIPPING 500rounds

Bulk Rifle Ammo

Winchester USA Ammunition 223 Remington 45 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point 500 Rounds

Bulk Rifle Ammo

Winchester Ammo SupX 243 Win 80gr PTD SP /20 Mfg# X2431 500 rounds

Bulk Handgun Ammo

500 Rounds of .45 ACP Ammo by CCI – 230gr FMJ

Bulk Handgun Ammo

50 Rounds of .45 ACP Ammo by Wolf – 230gr FMJ

Bulk Handgun Ammo

50 Rounds of .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech – 240gr FMJ FN


Get your bullets at the right place like Outstanding Munitions

Keeping your guns loaded and your armoury stocked can be quite the challenge unless you have a reliable supplier. That is what Outstanding Munitions aim to be. If you need ammo, then you can get them right here. Outstanding Munition has all types of ammunition and accessories you need to make the most of your firearms. 

Here are the products you can expect to see on stock:

Handgun ammunition

Whether it is round nose, wad or a hollow point, Outstanding Munitions got all your side-arm needs. Rubber bullets are also available for when your intent is a non-lethal deterrent. Otherwise, you can go ahead and choose any calibre that you believe will keep you safe. 

Full metal jacket is also available in Outstanding Munition for when you want to feel confident that your closed-range self-defence can punch through thick bear hide. You can never be too careful in the wilderness of the United States, especially when hunting alone. 

Rifle ammunition

Rifle ammo is a bit trickier but Outstanding Munitions got you covered. Just make sure to bring a licence and permit if you intend on buying full metal jackets. This bullet is illegal in some states and Outstanding Munitions would give you other alternatives if you’re hunting where it’s restricted. You can get pointed, rounded, or protected in bulk with no issues, though. 

Shotgun ammunition

The shotgun is a lot more friendly in state laws and popular for game hunters across all states. Outstanding Munition has shells of all sizes, gauge or length, and type of shell for different needs. Just come by the counter and take your pick. New to hunting? Just tell the clerk what type of animal you are hunting and the kind of gun you are using. They can fetch you something fresh batch of shells out of the counter

Rimfire ammunition

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives but still serviceable ammo, then you should consider using rimfire ammunition. This is a type of bullet that is only available to small calibres between 0.22 to 17 WSM magnums. They are just as reliable as centrefire although inexpensive to buy in bulk by comparison so it’s perfect for any hunter on a budget. Rimfire is also perfect for target practice as any gun owner knows a good aim is skill developed through repetition. 

Tactical accessories

All gun owners know the importance of the right accessory to both maintain your firearms or keep your ammunition organised. If you are new to hunting, then you need to tell the clerk so they can outfit you with the right bags or cases for beginners. Veterans who are looking for more high-quality tactical gear can find them in Outstanding Munition. 

All gun owners in the United States deserve the best services from any gun store. You can count on Outstanding Munition to give you good-quality products so come by and see what’s in store.